Welcome to Knoxville! This is my first attempt at map making and I’ve had a blast creating this. This is a fictional farm, but based more on the type of terrain that I would see in my hometown in New Brunswick, Canada, with the unforgiving terrain. Big equipment may not be the answer, with the steep points but you’ll want some horsepower for that thick mud.
This edition of the map has some Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition starting vehicle. I plan to create another version with regular game vehicles but have not gotten there yet. I believe this map is soilmod ready although I have not tested it, if someone could that would be great! I know the file size is a little large, but I’m not going to redo everything at this point just to please others. The map works fine for me and best of all the log is clean! There is still one small lighting bug that I’m trying to get worked out.
Features of this map include: Watermod, PotatoWasher, PotatoSteamer, ForageMaster, AllInOneSilo, Compostmaster, Beetmaster, Seedmaster, and MilkSalePoint. Multifruit includes the above mentioned items as well as Oat, Rye, Sorghum, Sunflower, and Soybean
Please take note of the readme file included! If you find any visual cues that look off or need other things that need worked on feel free to leave a comment below here in modhoster. Note: This map has not had any multiplayer testing done. I don’t care about original download links, blah blah blah. I just hope you all have fun with this map!
Special thanks to all those from fs-uk who helped me out along the way, especially Hoot and akuenzi. Without all these folks this could have never been possible!



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