Knuston farm
This map has been uploaded by myself for those who really where looking forward to this map, unfortunately I couldn’t complete it in the way I wanted to due to time and enthusiasm. I big issue for me was the farm tracks across the whole map are to narrow with hedges etc to close to them, this put me off big time and should of checked before continuing with the map.
Anyway as normal this map is far to pretty and life like to not release, and as a completely arable map it is more than usable.
One main arable farm – This includes grain sheds, grain dump and grain sell point as well as bale sell point. Seed triggers and fertilizer triggers along with plenty of storage points.
A bio mass plant/farm for grass farming, A shop to buy your machinery.
The main selling point of this map is its scenery and the railway lines again all accurate to life along with real rolling stock.
Due to the nature of me uploading this map, there will be no support or new version AT LEAST NOT TILL THE NEXT VERSION OF FS.

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