The FS15 Hi Community, Today I’ll share a Model that all players on the Know LS11, LS13 and LS15 New but much better translated and improve, it is indeed the Komatsu PW160 of Fredzaza, which was Importer 900c on the model and redone by starting inside little retouching and Outdoor, Skin Fred, 4 position lights, Arms Functional available with 2 buckets, with stabilizer blade Before, Functional Steering, Wheels Import ,, New Ability to load your Woodchip, potatoes etc … to you to find a place in your project site, or works for Farming Simulator 2015 Model I ask you to observe who was rebroadcast in other color has since LS11 LS15 without Credits Author of his Fredzaza, which is of course to avoid Protect the replay under Colors Needless since Komatsu is its original color and cel which will remain in any case I hope that you will tire excavator has to be Useful Breast Farming Simulator 2015

Model, Skin LS11 by Fredzaza
Script by Ombelis/Serge44/Pummelboer
Import Ingame by Serge44


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