Köppl Gekko
I would like to introduce you to Köppl Gekko for the agricultural simulator 2017. I have invested some time in the mod and I hope it was not quite otherwise. I tried to make the mod as good as it allows my skills as a modder. I hope the mod is a lot to me.

Important information:
With 2 portal mowers of 3-4m
Good performance on the slope
Versatile use both on land and on slopes
Very low turning circle
Compatible with band straps or hay slides of any brand

Information about the individual machines:
Köppl Gekko:
Power: 23 hp, tank volume: 25l, price in the shop: 27500 €, maintenance costs per day: 24 €
Portal mower 3m:
Working width 3,00 m, price in shop: 1250 €
Portal mower 4m:
Working width 4,00 m, price in shop: 1250 €

Modell: Georg Ornt, Südtirolerbauer
Textur: Südtirolerbauer
Script: Südtirolerbauer
Idee / Konzept: Georg Ornt
Tester: Südtirolerbauer

DOWNLOAD Koeppl_Entpacken.zip – 16.6 MB

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