KRAZ 63221 + TRAILERS V1.0

KRAZ 6321
Power: 270-370 hp
Speed: 85 km / h.
Two engines to choose from, two types of fixtures, a choice of color, five types of wheels.
Mirrors, soundproofing, animation of the device and propeller shaft.
The log is clean.
Lighting technology
Leaves traces
Fly dust from under the wheels
Semi-trailer MAZ 953000-011, price 9530, service 95.
Semitrailer Tral Kraz, price 40 000, maintenance 400, choice of colors and wheels.
Semi-trailer NEFAZ Bort, price 17 000, service 170, choice of color and wheels.
Semitrailer truck NEFAZ, price 19 800, service 198, the choice of color and wheels.
Semitrailer tank, carries milk and water, price 28 000, service 280, wheel selection.
NEFAZ semitrailer livestock, transports cows, sheep and pigs, price 21 600, maintenance 216, wheel selection.
Archive unpack,
The log is clean.

Avalon Style Entertainment, JAWA,

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