Welcome to the Kreihenborg-Map,

Version 3
Field purchase. Not foreseen.
My favorite farm built.
New dealer
New livestock
Bga renewed.
Something decent. Pigsty Silos, etc
Trigger lowered straw
Guiding posts
Camp for feed in cows and sheep
Rolling Doors (Automatic)

Here I would like to introduce you my new map.
It is suitable for Sp and MP and has 1 kl error in the server but not play-affecting.
Unknown file type ‘maps / map01.i3d_temp0’
Is ne superfluous file but does not know where it is. )) Am too lazy to search.
The empty map comes from NLD Farmers.
The map is equipped with normal fruits. It has medium to large fields.
On the map there are 2 open spaces where you can place what on it, 1 time at home death and once at the back
The grassland at the end of the road.
There is no sawmill because I personally do not like but I have certain places furnished for it
To plant trees and to place a placable sawmill.
There is no traffic and pedestrians. (Perhaps it still comes)
Fields 18 5 sown but not fertilized
Meadows 1 Behind the villag
Sales office
Agravis ??????
Mary (Giants)
East grain (Giants
BGA (Giants)
Spinning (Giants)
Straw selltrigger At horse farm (bales)
Straw sale triggery yard at the castle (loose straw)
Bakery (Giants)
Everything on PDA recognizable
Thanks to my tester. Hans63 (Kuga
Thanks to the modders whose things I have installed
Giants, Arii, NLD-FARMERS, modders of the North German houses
And I have had a lot on the computer of Ls15, of which I do not know the name anymore
If you discover things of you write me and I will make it paste.
I do not want the map of someone changed again.
However, private purposes is no problem.
Just have fun with the map and hope you like it.
Greeting BL



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