Kröger Agroliner HKD-302 Trailer V 15.0

kroger-agroliner-hkd-302--3 (1)


The tonnage is 18,250 tons.
He has two sets of wheels and you can change with Key_KP_8.
Cover feature is installed and funzt as the original from the game. Rocking goes to the back, right, left and front sight.
The “fillAutoAimTargetNode” index, you can move with the right mouse button forwards or backwards. This allows the (eg maize) chop the pipe from the chopper forward or behind to move.
He also funzt without problems with the “ToggleTipSide” and “alternativetipping” together.
The trailer is NOT washable, there will be as fast NOT.

Modell / Textur / Ingame: Lindemann


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