So I created the structure from Kröger grabbed HKD 302 and built on the chassis of Krampe BB 900th Change in the size, the slightly smaller tires Fit and finish is my own Tridem. I deliberately attached the slightly smaller wheels to prevent the trailer better fit of the extents forth to the other Kröger trucks, available for the LS15.

Vehicle data:
Price: 48,000 €
Capacity: 45,000
Maintenance costs: 10 € / day
Washable: Yes
Lighting: Yes
Plane: Yes
No additional scripts have been installed, all features are standard LS15.

Known issues / errors:
The hydraulic cylinder is shown in the retracted state from the top through the bottom of the tipper body or skip. This does the gameplay could not be stopped and can be seen only in the uncharged state.
The collision is still the 900th from Krampe BB The tipper is the game so bigger as it seems.
Depending on the tractor, the trailer is attached a little higher or lower, which may result by the smaller wheels mean that an axis in the air depends.
The pivot points of the tipper body do not match those of the chassis, as I have not made any modifications to the 3D model, but assembled only the two parts.
From some angles, the structure acts when tipping, as he would be forgiven.
So if someone can adjust the collision on the size of the dump truck, he must be glad to do and I will be glad about the publication of the corrected Kippers)



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