Harvester (capacity 40 t), truck, 3 header (6.2 m – grass, wheat, barley, rape, 7.5 m – maize, 3.0 m – energy willow). IC (door, window, 5 modes of control, disable Auto Return steering, 5 cameras, control header and the hopper), lighting fixtures, counter hectares, insulation, dynamic exhaust, dust from wheels, tire tracks, washable

Kyosho’s Modfactory, Bullgore, Ваня Бондаренко

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12 Responses

  1. heavychevyrr6 says:

    no file for download

  2. gxexrxtx1x8x says:

    dosn’t work

  3. andymelton says:

    there is no file

  4. nisroc says:

    like driving a brick.

  5. nisroc says:

    like driving a brick

  6. realysticcomments says:

    its really low and weak , and the steering is really bad

  7. Jordan says:

    everything is working but I cant get the pipe to move out so I can unload into a trailer? what do I have to do to “pipe out and unload” ?

  8. michel says:

    my parts are under ground cant connect them!

  9. hans peter says:

    this is the badest mod that i have ever installed DONT download
    1: drive like a block
    2: many things only with irc from inside to use
    3: the container dont open dont drive up dont can be unloaded

  10. dylanthegamer14 says:

    improve steering please is it steers really bad in my opinion

  11. Warondar says:

    It works, barely. A big hint on the level of quality for this FS2013 Kyosho conversion is the reversed lettering and logo on the picture posted above for the download. Items to buy in the shop have their pictures upside down as well.
    As it’s been eluded to already, this thing drives like a busted shopping cart and turning at any speed is a huge challenge.
    It’s obvious Kyosho didn’t make this conversion of his FS2013 mod which worked nicely. As usual, great FS2013 mod gets butchered to work, sort of work, in FS15.

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