KUHN FBP 3135 V1.1.0.0

You want round balers but 4000l are not enough for you? Or you bring straw from the field and want to have really big bales?
Then I have probably just the right Kuhn Press / Wickelkombi for you, thanks built-in script you are able to directly on the field between 2 bales to change the capacity of 1500l to 20,000l are you different sizes to choose from.
Furthermore, there are the slides and the press (chrome and chrome matte) in Hoffarben.
I know that this is not real, who does not like that do not have to load so I wish all the others have fun with it.

Modell: Giant Script: Sperrgebiet Idee / Konzept: Frankonia Tester: Frankonia

DOWNLOAD FS19_kuhnFBP3135_Variable.zip – 57 KB

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