With the Künzel GrainMaster you have the possibility to produce your own cereal grains, for which it simply needs to be filled with wheat, barley or maize.
The output of the ground cereal or gravel is carried out in handy sacks which can be carried around.
These can be loaded onto a trailer or a shovel, using an integrated script, all devices are filled with the fillable spezi
Able to convert the bags into loose material, depending on how you would like to play. (Note Note in the F1 help window)
A thanks goes to Ifkonator for providing the script.
As always, this mod is self-running, which is simply the Modordner Packen, Material and the FillType for grain crisp is automatically registered.
You do not have to do anything else. This Cattle and Crops mods is an extension to PigFoodStar
Please use the PigFoodStar version onwards. Only this can handle the bags.
Attention ! The current patch 1.4.2 is required
[-] Changelog:
Version (20-02-17)
– 1st release

Mod & Idee: Farmer Andy aka ModFather Script: kevink98

DOWNLOAD FS17_kuenzelGrainMaster_placeable.zip – 17.8 MB

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