Beautiful Russian map.
Fields need not only to buy, but some of them need to be plowed up.
The property has 2 fields (the same must be plowed).
The chopping of straw is implemented.
Also implemented dirt.
Milk’s milking.
There is a sawmill that produces boards.
There is a chipper on the map.
A train was delivered to send logs and chips.
All of the standard of culture and animals.
The archive must be unpacked.

– Reduced mud spray;
– Added lighting for the dark time of day;
– Cables LEP is now not terrible;
– Now it is possible to call in some vegetable gardens and plant crops;
– At the sawmill and in the forest, convenient storage for logs is installed;
– Added point “Compost”, sale of liquid and solid manure;
– Added a sawmill icon;
– The warehouse of cultures has been slightly altered;
– Replaced flickering towers of storage.
Version 1.4

Added / modified:
– Added a meat processing plant;
– Two points of sale of flour;
– Added a road along the 12th field;
– The garage at the point of discharge of technology is functional and has a workshop;
– Added car repair shop to the base.

– Fixed the economics of the sawmill;
– Fixed a relief on the 12th field;
– Fixed silo pits (silage now does not hide under the texture);
– Various minor corrections.

-Sugar cane added.

-Adjusted to the mod for the seasons.
-Added the snow melting.
-Production of chipboard.
-Sugar-beet plant.
The archive must be unpacked.

Alexey Dorofeev, конверт от Ту4ка CoE

DOWNLOAD ___________v1.5.7z – 1.0 GB

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