Labboens Map V 1.0 Beta

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Labboens is a quiet Doerflein with a high number of culturally enthusiastic farmers who go on their Hautphof the Activity after which they can best go to:
Be a farmer.
Many questions therefore how does Labboens from?
It’s easy pipapo with great certainty.

Makes himself an impression and get to know you life from a different angle of the eye!

In compiling the map I have used on different maps / buildings / objects. The detailed list of the various modders / creator represents such a large surplus labor that I unfortunately can not fulfill this request.
However, I would like to meet me at Boje93 specifically for the road network thank Vertexdezign with Niggels939 for the Holzhausenmap whose objects and scripts from Xentro! (News – VertexDezign)

Our thanks also go to all the other modders which unfortunately I can not name. Should you find your work, please send me a message and you will be taken forthwith communicate with!

bvbjotty (

Objekte: Vertexdezign (Niggels939, Xentro)
Boje93, diverse andere


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