Lakeside V 1.0 Beta-Version




1 A large yard with cows, sheep, chickens and broiler, pigs and cattle fattening. To
the standard fruits can you grow even rye, oats and sunflower. It was
a slurry and manure storage built in, so that you can store the surplus to the
Sale at the nursery. On the Basin can you seed, lime and fertilizer auffülle, refueling
and also cereals Beitzen.

2, 50 fields and meadows 8, which you can edit all free, because there is still no option to buy.

3, a river which ends in a large lake and thus divides the map. In order to switch sides,
Bridges are available. There is also a small pond.

4 There are several ways to generate goods from cultivation, cattle fattening and
Forest management for Sale! Outlets include:
the railway station: here you can hinbringen everything except wool!
The Butcher: Pork, beef and chicken.
the mill: only cereals.
the grain trade: everything except animals wool and wood
the sawmill logs
the nursery: wool, grass, straw, manure, manure, compost, wood chips, potatoes and
Sugar beet.
Hotel: pork, beef, chicken, potatoes, sugar beets and sunflowers
the power plant: wood chips

5, The Composting: here can craft their compost to spread on the fields or for
for sale.

nur ich hab an der Map gearbeitet!


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  1. Jake says:

    I have played this map for about 4 hours now and so far love it. The price of wood chips is either off greatly or I have a mod messing with things. I cut 2 large oak trees and sold the chips from them at Banhoff for just over 5 million dollars. The sell price there was over $62,000 a ton, or kilo, or however it’s sold, with no great demand. CHACHING!!! Haven’t tried much other than farming and forestry yet so can’t report any problems there yet. Keep up the good work and THANKS!

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