I have rebuilt my old favorite map district Breisgau for LS19. Have the watch mapper Baden-Bauer the permission to rebuild, which I have already done in LS15. It is of course no longer to compare with the old map, but I’ve been given much effort to take over from the old map. There are standard fruits, however, with other textures. Did not test the map on MP, but on SP, everything is fine.

The map is mainly intended for SP and habeviel respected helper-friendliness. There are 17 fields from small to large. Forest can also be operated. A train line is also available.

Idee / Konzept: Bauer Timpeltu, Baden Bauer Tester: Bauer Timpeltu

DOWNLOAD FS19_Landkreis_Breisgau_v1Entpacken.rar – 1.0 GB

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  1. darkdaz says:

    to the mod author, i found a floating tree lol and also found trees under the ground when i was driving along and my camera decided to mess up and i saw the under world

    here are the screen shots for your interests

    floating tree:

    trees under world:

    hope that helps, i have left the mini map on so u can see were abouts they are
    kind regards

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