This is the Mining & Construction Economy
Which has been extended by me and has the name Landsweiler Mining.
What’s New:
Unloading points marked with help icons.
Mine Modified with loading plates. Illumination of the mine
In the mine is now an excavation site for hard coal and lime.
Fillplane changed.
Animated people.
Construction site with accessories.
Welcome text.
Description of the map as an info symbol.
On the PDA is now the quarry and the factory and construction site with names Opposed
This map is a modification of the Goldcrest Valley.
What’s new in this card?
This map has a mine where you can see stone, limestone, soil,
Coal and mineral water.
They use the quarry for the production of gravel, sand and residues. you
Use a limestone crusher for cement production.
Use tout-venant facilities
For the production of tout-venant they need the asphalt plants for the production of asphalt.
With the bottom you can extract gold at the goldmaster, if you want to extract gold your bank account is rising.
You can produce concrete with gravel, sand, cement and residues
Concrete factory, and sell the concrete in the village construction area, even you
Can sell sand, gravel and boardwoods.
In the sawmill there is a new facility for production boardwood.
All animals (cows, sheep, chickens and pigs) are in the main farm.
There is a third train in the mine for loading sand, gravel and residues and selling in the railroad at the end.

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