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Langenfeld Map V 3.1

langenfeld--6 (1)

langenfeld--6 (2)

langenfeld--6 (3)


version 3.1
-Log -Log Fixed clean now triggers when the cows fitted to the adoption of silage and grass for the feeding trough -new fermenter incorporated -Terrain modified texture maps adapted -PDA adapted -Runs on each LOW PC -new silos installed -Now should the map without problems on any PC.

Windräder: Manuel
Landhandel: Eifok
Strassen: Fatian
Schilder: Nick98.1
Zäune: Willi103
Leere Map: Nerd01
BayWa Händler: KundS Modding
Getreidelager: Mulde
Häuser: DerModtesterJR
Landhandel: NI Modding
Raiffeisen: DDS-MODDING
BGA Objekte: Roman@k
Bäume: Maxter
Hallen: The720PowerHD,Johni989


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