Changes V 2.1

All standard fruit plus oats, rye, alfalfa and alfalfa are installed. The map includes 3 farms, ETA and alfalfa pellet production as concentrated feed.
All presses are now working with clover (SP & MP). With the baler of the Kuhn DLC one can press the bales, but not wrap.
Therefore, the bale wrapper, which is linked below, must also be downloaded.

The map is compatible with the latest version of Season mod. In winter, Christmas decorations appear.
For those who do not play with the season mod, there is the possibility to activate or deactivate these decorations. You just have to find the switch ….
(Note: he is on an urban lantern at the entrance of a village ….)

The map is compatible with the DLC straw harvest. A location was created next to the Foucault store for the straw DLC building.
Lime can be bought directly from the Foucault store.

The following cultures can now be stored:
Wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, corn, soybeans, alfalfa granules, oats, rye, clover and compound feed.

The following cultures can not be stored on the ground:
Seeds and lime (a vertical silo was specially planned on the farm of the cows), alfalfa granules and compound feed.
It is also possible to let cows appear in the milking parlor, in the stable or in the 2nd pasture when the cow symbol is pressed against the wall. (Performance)

Required Mods:
– Kotte universal pack is required
– Bale wrapper is required (link below)
– Season Mod (latest version) not mandatory


DOWNLOAD FS17_LeBoutDuMonde.zip – 566.2 MB

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