Hello my dears, this is my first mod. It’s the azurite 9, since I think it’s cool except for the colors. Now it turned out at the color choice change, just a few things to join.
The seeder now has:
Color choice of the body and lid
Crops Upgrade
direct seeding
fertilizing function
Volume increase of the seed and the fertilizer
Speed increased to 18 km / h
Multiplayer has not been tested yet
Until now log error-free (own tests in singleplayer)
(I hope I did not forget anything?!)
I’ve changed a few things on the device itself, that it is consistent in color.
A big thank you goes to Mario Hirschfeld. He has done a great job with his online modding workshop (YouTube), giving me access to “witchcraft”. Mario, thanks for that!
Have fun with it and I would be very pleased about a response from you.
Best regards, Marc (BeutnagelMods)


DOWNLOAD FS19_BeutnagelModsAzurit9Colorable.zip – 9.4 MB

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