Liebherr digger wit N.Z made Waratah Proccesor cutting lengths up to 35 meters is only version 1 working on a tiger cat and better tracks.

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3 Responses

  1. Rickybobby says:

    First off that is not what stick processor would or the whole boom for that matter. The those heads don’t look like that and also of you are going to make mods don’t just make the controls for you chair or a xbox controller we do use key boards. So look up a Waratah head before you make a mod your mods are what make me mad because you put no detail into them.

  2. Rickybobby says:

    And I’m not trying to hurt feeling so if i did I’m sorry

  3. Not Rickybobby says:

    Rickybobby google “Waratah feller buncher” and “forestry excavators” his boom and head choices are accurate.
    not to mention the fact that it is clearly stated in the description “IS ONLY VERSION 1”. grow up and stop putting down things you can’t best.

    P.S. its a little buggy but i like this mod all the same.

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