Welcome to Lindenau for the LS 15!
Welcome to my small but beautiful hilly Voralpenlandschaft.
This card has a total of 42 small to medium fields, pastures 8
Installed are following scripts:
Slurry, manure and lime Mod
Chopped Straw
mud Mod

Important !
You have to unzip the downloaded file and copy the files contained in your modfolder.
Here is still a readme which have to read it necessarily.
Please respect the work of modders and let the map as it is. Thank you!

The following sites are located on the map:
(House, 1 grain storage, fertilizer and Kalklagerhalle, 2 machine rooms, shelter, ball bearings, henhouse with spout, barn with pasture)
(Sale of all fruits eggs and wool, artificial fertilizers can pipe the discharge on the backside buy)
biogas plant
(3 fermenter CHP container, 1 shelters, 4 through silos and a cesspit, chips bearing)
(Purchase of wheat and barley
(Sale Building)
cogeneration plant
(Power plant building, Wood storage, transformer station)
power grid
(High- and low-voltage poles, house utility poles, substations and distribution boxes)
road network
(Almost complete DIY, signage,)
Many bran details provide variety on the Map


DOWNLOAD Unpack_me_Ls15Lindenau.rar – 178.5 MB

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  1. Christoph Donnert says:

    Bitte löscht diesen link sofort und nehmt den Orginalen dl link her ihr bereichert euch an der arbeit anderer das ist so eine sauerei 🙁

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