With this pack you have the possibility to make your own liquid fertilizer.
Herewith I introduce you my newest mod, a liquid fertilizer production pack.
A brief explanation. The whole pack is self-contained, it does not have to be installed or regestriert everything goes automatically.
I also give no installation permit in maps.
The liquid fertilizer store and the refill tank can be placed. The BigBag can be bought as usual in the shop. Big bags make more work but are cheaper than when you buy it at RefillTank.
To mix, use the Fliegl mixer, cover on BigBag on a telescopic loader and fill it from above into the hole. For the comfortable people among you there is the Refilltank, simply drive alongside and fill up as usual. At the end still fill water goes by hose or also on a standard water triggers, overloading of the Kotte Universal Pack goes of course also.
The correct mixing ratio can be seen in the F1 help HUD. If the mixture goes wrong from this is Wrong mix (is however only reject if nothing more to be saved) should happen then times simply turn on the residual emptying. This function is new and will be installed in the Kotte Pack soon. If you now have a perfect mixture one gets liquid fertilizer, the liquid fertilizer can be stored by hose in the storage tank. The Fliegl Fertilizer Mixer has 4 configuration options. These would be.
Fliegl blender (without overloading ear)
Fliegl blender (with overloading ear)
Transport cask (without overhead pipe)
Transport cask (with overhead pipe)
Note to the FillType Nitram, this is registered as a new material can also be loaded on trailers from the BigBags. Consider, however, Nitram as loose material is difficult to get into the mixer. Goes by conveyor belt but is not so beautiful.

Mod und Idee: Farmer Andy Scripte: OverloadPipe by kevink98 FabrikScript: by kevink98 EmptyMe: by BlackyBPG


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