Lizard Syncer Car v 1.0



Located at 116 km / h and as he does not break still out .-
Now about the features
It is washable
It is also available in different colors
and it directs, flashes, honks, drives
When I’m Bock did I build ne AHK purely and make them as clean V2 .-
The van (Ford Transit) and Golf (VW Golf VII R) is still in operation, the Citroen and the BMW gfoid ma ned and not convert themselves.
Otherwise a lot of fun while gambling.
Lg Corsa D driver

Urrmodell: GIANTS Software GmbH.
Konvertiert Und Bearbeitet : Corsa D Fahrer


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  1. yura says:

    маю 20 років граю на баяні та люблю їздити на машинах

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