After checking my log I realised I had some errors’ I do Apologize for causing any convince everyone.
I now have fixed all bugs and each truck is totally error free!
International LoneStar V1.1 Good physics, leaves traces, dust flying from the wheels.
Working Lights And Some New Textures
KeyPad 0 – Strobe Lights
KeyPad 1 – Left indicators
KeyPad 2 – Hazard Lights
KeyPad 3 – Right indicators
KeyPad 4 – Fog Lights
KeyPad 5 – is also High Beams
KeyPad 9 – Work Lights
Key F – all other Lights
Key S – Reverse

Red, Pink, Dark Blue & Black
Prices 20,000
Daily Up keep 45
lifetime 1000
Purple, Black-Red, Pink-Black, DarkGreen, Yellow, White-Blue & Purple
Prices 25,000
Daily Up keep 50
lifetime 1000

winston9587 and CarolinaBoy Credits: Lights & 5 New Textures, Angel-Longobardi

DOWNLOAD FS17_Lonestar_unpack.rar – 142.7 MB

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