This is a Texas themed map I’m calling Lone Star. This map was created using a blank starter map. I made the dem for this map using the Mirco-Dem tool from an area just Southwest of Deport, TX.

Chopped Straw is installed and you will need that mod for the feature to work. I tried not to go overboard with the mud so as not to interfere with game play.
Here are a few facts about the map.

17- large irregular fields.
1- Farm with all the animals.
1- Arable farm for you guys who don’t care to raise animals.
1 – Logging contractor’s yard.
2 – Forest areas.
3 – Sell Points for your crops.
1 – Buy/Sell Point for manure and Slurry.
1 – Sell Point for hay, straw, and silage.
1 – Sell Point for Logs & Woodchips.
1 – Buy/Sell point for animals.
1- Sell your eggs at the Diner.
2 – Sets of silos. Each one has a 350,000-liter capacity. If you store crops in both silos the combined value
will show on your information screen but you can only load what is actually stored in each one.
1- Camp ground.
1- Pedestrian and AI traffic.
1- Water is free on the main farm at the Windmills.
1- Lot for placeables South of Field 9 and one North of Field 13.
No trains or BGA
V1 Change Log:
Moved and labeled shop light switch for better visibility.
Added vehicle customization area to the farm shops.
Several small cosmetic changes.
Added Mud.
V2 Change Log:
Silage Sell Point added to Producers Livestock Yard.
Added Multi-Terrain Detail.
Black Kow, Lonestar Farm Supply, and Richardson Logging yards redesigned
Land prices reduced to 5,900.00 per acre.
Seed usage and yields set to real life values.
Lighting reworked and added to Cow Stall and various other buildings.
Field 1 changed to grass and rest of fields re-indexed.
Snow Mask added for Seasons Mod.
Trees edited to enhance the effects of the Seasons Mod.
Sound and visual enhancements throughout the map.
Note: This version will require a new game.

Giants, rmckinney, Spanky Hoosier Farmer itisntworking NI Modding thompsonmo6 petorious webalizer Robbie LMS Studios zatoxx tento llztec schwaki Hermit23 upsidedown Tuddley3 Richard-LSNG LWFarming chtiseb Tater Salad Igor29381 SWIK Modding Team blacksheep modding sandgrouper Lindjb CBJ Midwest Modding Dorset Desperados93 randomsparks eribus Decker Nismo ziberg igor29381 Doc Elyoc Unlimited Modding

DOWNLOAD FS17_LoneStar_V2.zip – 591.1 MB

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