Version 0.9.1
Road traffic added
some small adjustments

Maybe she still knows someone from LS 15. I have completely revised and redesigned her for the LS 17. Since I have almost no time at the moment, I have decided to publish the map as a beta and ask for your understanding, if one or the other error occurs. I just do not have the time to test everything thoroughly. If you find errors you can send me a message.
The map is only a quarter of the size of the standard map, hence a finer subdivided terrain, with many details and a hilly landscape.
Medium to small fields and a small forest is included.
I wish you a lot of fun with the map!

Map: Ich Gebäude, Objekte: Steffen30muc TheStivala Rubiks The_Green_Flash Fendtfan1 Katsuo Agrarteam Franken Niggels GIANTS

DOWNLOAD FS17_NiederbayernV091.zip – 391.0 MB

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