LS 11 Map V 1.1

ls-11-map (1)

ls-11-map (2)

ls-11-map (3)

ls-11-map (4)


Wassermod manure manure mod cattle fattening pigs silos exchanged Bga converted bunker silo at feed stores Kuhhof changed PDA adapted Pigs and cattle fattening can be found at the barn on the right Seite.Aufm way to the barn you will find a Futterlager.Die old silos from the BGA and expanded by 4 silos ersetzt.Und bissel rebuilt the BGA.Am cow farm is a new Fahrsilo hinzugekommen.Auch the Wassermod was blocked and water can flow holen.In your ausm the final then comes the AI traffic and purchasable fields but I have to read me just how it works and will take a while.

Giants (Karte Gebäude)
Deere 8530 Erbauer


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