LS MAP 2009 BIG FIELDS V3.0.0.0

Giants Island Map 2009 Giants / Full Power Shift

Fields were merged zt. Extremely big
!DANGER! All fields are in own possession, no missions available.
Marhu’s old sawmill has been added (only accepting straw or straw bales as a consumer).
Pallet Samler has been added for up to 6 wooden pallets.
LiveTicker.lua has been involved in the hat display every pallet change.
codeSnippets.lua has been included (fewer animals in the pasture) should be for more performance.
A very large outdoor silo was inserted about 10 million liters.
BGA has been set up as an unloading point for bulk goods with side walls, for example. for wood shredders.
Woodchuckle sale at the harbor has been changed.
PDA was renewed and adapted as much as possible.
and some more stuff.
Log is error free.

Was changed:
Hofsilofüllmenge to 3,000,000
Hofsilowände (silage / manure) renewed and adapted.
Corrected chicken gatter.
Automatic gates to the cow and Schaaf pastures
Fixed road collisions for helpers.
Harbor barrier trigger changed, no opening of AI traffic anymore.
Landmaker dealers have been changed some triggers.
Wool / Weaving acceptance point changed.
Wind turbines were all removed because you can place them now.
Biogas plant (BGA) bottom plate removed and inserted and adapted new bunker.
Names changes of some unloading points.
Unloading point (Quaffbeer) renewed and adapted.
Unloading point (Giants Mill) renewed and adapted.
New unloading point added (Twin Cannons)
New lighthouses inserted with other light
Harbor crane and ship inserted on spline.
Hintergundberge inserted and adjusted the visibility in the XML.
Pigs / pigs feeding trough and straw tarp corrected.
Grass texture and dirt roads renewed / adapted.
Traffigspline Corrected.
Seasons Mod adapted to new buildings.
Road texture changed.
Street guard posts inserted.
Road signs and signposts zt. newly inscribed inserted.
PDA was renewed and adapted as much as possible.
and some more stuff.

To play the Zip must first be unpacked because Credits / version changes and PDA were included.

Modell: Giants 2009/Update 2017 Fullpowershift Edited by me Textur: Giants Script: Giants Idee / Konzept: Giants/Fullpowershift/XaaD


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