Lumber Mill Building V 1.1.0b




As for sound: The sawmill is set so that you get 135% of the introduced raw materials back out.

It was in SP, but MP and DS is tested in beta state.
Cost: 250.000 € in the shop € 275 maintenance day

Storage capacities:
Brennstroffe: 10000
Wood: 50000
Wood chips: 10000
Boards range: 4000



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7 Responses

  1. fastrac3200 says:

    how do u get it to work?????

    • Masterlordflame says:

      you have to power it with stuff such as, Hay Bales , Wool ,Woodchips, then once you got that go to the saw cutting thingy and press a button to start it.

  2. Masterlordflame says:

    Yeah wish I knew how it worked also.

  3. TTACsniper1234 says:

    how do you sell the lumber were?

  4. praczu béla says:

    a fürész telepet nem tudom berakni a mod mapába vagy ha berakom akkar nincs a bolban mit tegyek

  5. Broňislav says:

    ahoj zemědělci !! prosím vás mám dotaz .. strašně moc by jsem si chtěl tento mod stáhnout ale není tu odkaz ke stažení .. poradíte mi ? děkuji ..

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