The fifth edition of maps maintained in the Polish climate.
On the map is all that will allow for varied game that quickly get tired.
On the map there are cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and mod water, compost, soilmod, milk mod, mod chaff, traffic and train, reset the machines. The area is varied, and the fields have different shapes and sizes. Standard crops plus sunflower, alfalfa and oats.
On the map there is one farm, purchase of grain, buying beet and potatoes and a shop, a sawmill, composting, slaughterhouse and dairy. The game will diversify our Polish sounds of nature in the form of singing birds, sounds of animals.
I hope that you will appreciate the work they put into creating this map. Respect my time.
Tests maps – bastek
Edit ls 15 – DINX
Special thanks to the author of maps maciusboss1, for permission to edit the map.

– Models maciusboss1, GOLDFOX, MARJAS31, NIKOS31 and others – Scripts Marhu, Sven777b, TMT, webalizer, Xentro, Alex2009

DOWNLOAD wypakuj_do_mods.rar – 360.5 MB

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