Presenting your attention the wonderful card under the name – the village Maksimovka v 1.3 Full size for Farming Simulator 2015.
Very beautiful and realistic karta.
Bolshoy kolhoz.Bolshoe number of fields on any vkus.
Realistichnaya ekonomika.
Trudnoprohodimye dorogi.
Optimizirovana for slow computers.
Culture: Standard + Sunflower.
Animals: Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, calves and geese.
Dop.missii: sand, gravel, concrete, cement, timber, boards, flour and bread, greenhouses.
Buy fields.
1. Added the dirt from the Gifts of the Caucasus.
2. Physics of conduct transport is now very realistic (when driving through the fields, the wheels sink into the soil, equipment skids, suspension works to wear, when driving over bumps, also very noticeable change in the physics of movement of any equipment).
3. Added storage sunflower.
4. Removed the sale of crops from the elevator ?1, Now will have to go to the far distance, in the elevator ?2 (freebies will not).
5. Changed the price for sale of sand, gravel and cement (price reduced, as given for 1 ton of too much money).
6. Now, in the village of Maksimovka laid asphalt road.
7. Changed the depot, elevator ?1 and ?2.
8. Greenhouse and mill complex, is now enclosed by a fence.
9. The greenhouse complex has changed the concrete base, made exactly two greenhouses, for convenience in loading pallets. Increased volume of pallets per 1 ton. Also added a ramp for loading.
10. Added a lot of beautiful greenery and realistic, but as spring yard (reeds, shrubs, flowers).
11. LOG card is now perfectly clean and you will not find more than one Error and Warning.
12. Fixed landing in some places.
13. Added sale bales (the same place where the straw is sold).
14. Near each of the water tower, you can now fill up with water, absolutely free.
15. In each village added the sale of solid fertilizers and seeds.
16. The bottom of the rivers and ponds are shaded in estvestvenno color (color of the land ground).
17. Optimize ver.2.5
18. And much more.

Maksim Nikolajewitsch [Gelik666]

DOWNLOAD map.part1.rar – 600.0 MB

DOWNLOAD map.part2.rar – 490.3 MB

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