Man TGA HKL Palfinger V 1.0

man-tga-hkl-palfinger-340002-nbm (1)

man-tga-hkl-palfinger-340002-nbm (2)


Here is our MAN TGA HKL with Palfinger crane 34 tons.! 🙂
This is the original download and please also the only link!
New upload and modify without permission is prohibited.


Palfinger Crane -> Mouse
Supports: -> press Y, X | V B | N, M



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10 Responses

  1. Johan says:

    Its a nice mod, would just love it if the crane acctually worked.. anything special to make it work?

  2. me says:

    no working crane

  3. lecuyer says:

    bonjours la grue ne bonctionne pas merci

  4. Martin says:

    De kraan werkt jammer genoeg niet hoe krijg je hem werkend

  5. kristoffer says:

    where can find the containers

  6. kristoffer says:

    where is the link to download the containers to the man

  7. croco says:

    télécharger le pack AGROLINER qui contiens 3 benne empiroll et le chassi tracter

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