Hello and MoinMoin, Today I introduce you to my first map.
Mappinghausen is a map built according to my imagination.
With challenge and helper Unfriendly fields, that’s hot tacking yourself!
This map was built to play in multiplayer, so there is no mission in the singleplayer. But of course, playable in the singleplayer!

To the map:
We have a dairy farm
A pig farm outside the village.
Sheep and chickens have a relaxed life behind a forest!
A hay barn at the dairy farm.
A contractor at the village provides his combine harvester.
Then we had there 2 BGA’s.
On the whole map are lights with switches!

Silos and sales triggers have no mark!
All silos are “free-field” silos
That means there are no walls,
(Tires mark the area)
Only the Large BGA Provides 3 Walls.
Eggs are sold at the local gardener in the backyard!

All the gates and sliding doors are animated, and over the mouse to control!
Also the cabinet must be opened.

On the pictures of us I show once again all triggers so no questions arise!


The gates of the sales offices open at the following times:

Opening times:

Agravis 7:00 19:00

Cereals Werner 7:00 19:00

Potato sales 7:00 20:00

CHP 9:00 17:00

Sugar factory 7:00 22:00

Operation of the cereal manager

Before tilting the grain into the yard silo, the flap must be opened, otherwise nothing can be tilted!
When charging the grain on a trailer, the pipe must also be folded out first,
Since the loading process can not be started before!

Configuration of the vehicles

You can now configure your vehicles in the courtyards. Toolboxes are available,
Next to which you only need to place the vehicle and then walk to the crate.
In the SP, the toolbox can also be carried and you can configure your devices anywhere on the map.

Collisions on hedges

-more texture angle

-Chopped Straw was installed

Field orders have been added

-the information on the field sizes and the prices has been inserted correctly.

-the sawmill has now been added

– the dirtArea in the cows now works properly

-interaction marks have been added to the triggers

-Weather door opens now

Required Mod




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