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  1. Herby says:

    This is the best version of the Massey Ferguson 7622 that I’ve used.

    However, the text on the wheels make it look like a racing tractor which is not to my preference, change the tyre text from white to the same colour as the tyre please.

    No rear axle, not a big issue, just something I’ve noticed.

    Inside the cab is very good, lots of buttons and gadgets, floor could do with a gripped surface texture.

    The rear wheels have a black weight inside the rim and I would appreciate a version without or the option to add/remove the rear wheel weight.

    The front wheels have a black centre part which sticks out too much. It’s the same with the New Holland T8.320. If it could be made to sit shallower into the rim so it looks less obvious in my opinion it would look more in proportion. See the link below for an image of MF7622 which looks the business.

    Sounds great and is the best version of this mod to date, I look forward to future version.

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