Mauris 4fach Map V 1.4

mauris4fach-map-beta (1)

mauris4fach-map-beta (2)


version 1.4
Error that helpers on Field 1 ceases fixed. Attention this field2 was changed. Either start new game or from the unzipped map the fruit and cultivator grle with copy to the savegame. Goals at the court exchanged barriers until I managed it with the Timecontrollgate it opens around the clock. Opening Times Signs affixed to all TimecontrollToren.

Water-Mod, Schweinezucht,Mischstation by Marhu;Blacky_BPG;BernieSCS;t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);Digitalanzeige: Weisser


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  1. Blue says:

    hi, i have a concern with the map, will the trees become interactive (able to cut them down).

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