Meyenburg Map 2015 V 1.0

meyenburg-2015 (1)

meyenburg-2015 (2)

meyenburg-2015 (3)

meyenburg-2015 (4)


It’s that time again, looking for you out of your yard, machinery & equipment from the cooperative has there and begin to cultivate your fields.

Initially, a pig and a cow shed are available. To operate these stables, you need to buy at the cooperative with the Viehanhänger the animals. Then bring it in your stall, but please only bring the food and then the animals, or they starve and your new purchase is just died. A guide is always at the corresponding stable!

Bluebaby210, FSM-Chefkoch, meckel34, upsidedown, mor2000, Jimkerk, DJChris


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4 Responses

  1. Bartek Solak says:

    Mapa nie dopracowana drzewa w halach
    po prostu do niczego 3/10

  2. hondarghini says:

    map is amazing!

    But why aren’t the cow’s moving?

  3. seban says:

    Bonjour je joue sur la carte Meyenburg mais je n’arrive pas √† trouver de l’eau quelqu’un pourrait il m’aider merci beaucoup .

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