Welcome to the village Meyenburg!
The map Meyenburg has been known for many years for its multiplayer features!
Own farms and farms as well as the extension of fields. It has been difficult in FS17 to replenish exactly these characteristics since neither UPK nor MBO was converted for the 2017 Farming Simulator. Thanks KevinK98 and his mCompanyFactory script much could be taken over again.
The Meyenburg has gotten old and is refreshed with the FS17. However, such a refresher costs a lot of time which I just do not have anymore.
So I ask for your understanding that the map is still partially undeveloped or just does not work as it should. This is all still done!
Questions and / or problems can be found in the forum of LS-Modcompany and hopefully also useful to be answered by us!
Or of course on our website – = MZG = –
Have fun in Meyenburg
Note: Technical updates will be announced immediately!



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