MF Cutter V 1.0


– Adaptation of the particle animations (collection of plants) the original reapers to individual fruit textures of Wunschmap

– Adaptation of the particle animations (collection of plants) the original reapers oats, rye and sunflower

– Adjustment of maintenance costs

* Sampo-Rosenlew C6 14FT

* Capello quasar HS 16R

* Krone Easy Collect 1053

* New Holland 980 CF12R

– FillType Store Description updated when Poettinger Mex 5 of Chaff on Maize, the decisive factor is not supplied with the device, making it

back to eject, but what can harvest it.

– Poettinger Mex 5 was not categorized under Harvester with us in the shop, but as cutting

In the I3D models of each machine is the original models. Therefore, you should not you be surprised that you yourselves will not find the models of the reapers in the zip file. Only the particle animations as well as shop and brand images and the modified script are summarized in the zip file. This is intended to save as memory, which is good for weak systems, or eg. The memory preserves. Another advantage is that as little memory is consumed on the multiplayer server. Therefore, I have confined myself to pack as little as possible in the zip file, if I can not make use of original data from the main program folder. And I’ve done here. I have built a lean as possible mod that can be easily developed, depending on the applied textures on the favorite map.

How do I get the textures of the map in my reapers?
I have installed the default Eribus textures. These include in Holzhausen or on the Mig Map standard. So who plays these maps need to do nothing. Simple mod in the folder and the fun we go. Should textures look different because a mapper uses different textures, you can simply paste the mod it. For her best used the following tutorial. And that should be able to easily understand each. Because you have to replace only 1 to 3 files and you have adjusted the mod to the favorite map. We are glad to help you and will also provide on request versions for various maps, insofar us is allowed. The approval we also like to bring us in interesting projects personally.

Adaptation to respective Maps

Basically, the textures based on the principle of the growing fruit on the respective map. In the standard-cutting works, it has been such that they have accessed Bjorn Holm or Westbridge Hill textures. This has now been solved and created a simple interface to Wunschmap simultaneously.

Base are the 3 files, and These files to the original maps to determine the appearance of the individual fruits. At the same time they also determine the original machines, no matter which map to play, such as the collection looks. With this mod you can all handle simple and space-saving. Here is the simple solution:

Take the favorite map

You copy the accompanying zip file from the modfolder on the desktop, unzip it, then delete the zip file and open the
created by unpacking folders.

It then I open the folder “Map”, it contains the folder “Foliage”, which is also open. Then copy the
Files, and particleanimatios in our mod in the folder and replaced

which you can find there the same files. Somebody should fail, he is welcome to contact us, but I do not think

that it should be a great challenge to replace 3 files.



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