Michelhausen Map V 1.0 Beta

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Features that can be found on the map

On the map you can also run forestry addition to agriculture.

The village Michelhausen.

There is a large central courtyard with dairy cattle, biogas, silos, grain storage, ball bearings and machine shops.

In addition sawmill chips and several camps, there are still a biomass heating plant.

Machinery dealer with Maschinhallen for your equipment and machinery.

Biogas plant with several silos.

Port with Billinger country trade and grain storage for potatoes and sugar beets.

Werner grain trade in machinery dealer.

Garden center with bales of straw and sale.

Schafhof with silos.

Piggeries in the main courtyard (Invalid).

63 fields.

16 meadows.

4 forest land for forestry.

other Features


Layer trees (trees in the forest are precipitated)

Slurry manure-lime Mod



easy Terrain


Wheat, barley, rape, maize, potatoes, sugar beet


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