MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle V 0.93 Beta

mig-map-madeingermany-region-celle--4 (1)

mig-map-madeingermany-region-celle--4 (2)

mig-map-madeingermany-region-celle--4 (3)


Version 0.93 Beta
Changelog LS15: 12/12/2014 v0.93 – Purchasable items such as BGA, Farm 2,3,4,5 … – Store Place Seedling Tree pallets fixed – wrong stye signs away – Farm 4 and 5 seeds, fuel, fertilizer trigger fix – beet corn and potato exchanged texture and set more density – more floating objects such as trees fixed – installed Maker slaughterhouse trigger – BGA silo 1 and 2 moved a meter, were displaced – farm 4 and 5 Abkipptrigger grain elevator repairs – farm 4 were 2 other outdoor silos built – pig numbers fixed – revised trees and other set 90% complete – revised lanes texture and made a little narrower – seed and fertilizer in Hall moved out of fuel tank problem – Milk Truck white line spline away – built Other gas station model –

Map Neubau LS11 LS13 LS15
by Bullgore
KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, TMT, LSportal.nl, Tessmann85, Flymaster, Marc85, ZeFir_POLAND, Eribus, Vertexdezign, EL-Cid, Buschi, LS-Andy, s4t4n, Hardstyler, … ???

Skydancer, Marhu, Upsidedown, JakobT, Decker_MMIV, Bluebaby210, … ???


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  1. Xlrcxunsparing says:

    The slurry selling does not work on this beta the black and yellow square is there but there is no hit box to sell…

  2. henk says:

    how can i get the break off my car

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