Mod manager v 3 0.0.43




Syncronisation the Mods of the various local mod folder and with various dedicated servers
Managing the Local Mod folder
Delete / Disable and re-Activating the Local Mods
View details of individual mods

Managing different servers:
Carry in the gear under Server description (left side) of your server data, and you can then conveniently select these from the combo box. It shows the color scheme of whether a mod is missing, it disables or even too much in modfolder is because he has already been deleted on the server.

various Local Mod Ornder manage:
For this, you use the gear which is located right on the table for local mods. About the “Refresh” button press the right of the selected modfolder is loaded and set as the default folder for LS Mod.

Final version:
Starting with version, it is finally the final version, ie There are all functions available that I’ve wanted for a Modmanager. Nor is it a mod but a standalone program which was developed in C # Winforms and with the .NET Framework 4.0 from Microsoft.

The program works properly, but should errors occur, it is eg because the:
Special characters have been used which are not XML compliant
(It is displayed in the details view in a MessageBox here the erroneous line of modDesc.xml)
File name and the name in the modDesc.xml disagree (typo)
Files in * .dds Converts were still registered in the modDesc.xml as .png are
the server address ends with “/index.html” <= is wrong, right is => /mods.html
the modfolder has already been deleted and therefore no mods are found

Tester, KillaBot für den Test Server


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