I added CN train that was reskinned by montutur33 It better than the one I did.
These trains are for maps that use the railroad signals that spline trains uses. The giants train signals doesn’t work right.
This has 4 mod trains, I have fix the trains so they will work with the rail signals for spline trains. Now they will work. I have included a picture that shows the signal. I have put all the xml files you will need, follow the directions and should have at least 2 different locomotives in game when playing a mod map. I have put all files for up to 4 trains.
Open hard drive C in most cases double click look for Program Files (x86) double click and look for Farming Simulator 17 double click look for data double click and than look for vehicles double click and than at the bottom of the list train make a move the train to safe place and put yours there.
If you have steam after you open the program files (86) you will be looking for Steam double click than look for steamapps double click than look for common double click and there you will find the steam games you will find the Farming Simulator 17 double click and than do the same thing as above in the Farming Simulator 17

CN Train montutur33 he use part of union pacific by sixgun
Other Trains jb3pc4sale


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