Dear Community
It all began a year ago .. when I started to get a system in my mods, try after some I’ve decided I’m making a list of where to find the mods faster ..
But I have indeed already made lists online was thus itself never satisfied .. now I have decided to list completely revise and hope that I’m going to find anything better.
This list will now also get you help sort out the mods, or mods to find on the Internet faster.
I have tested the list in detail and several times and controlled and hope that it is error free. Should you find any mistakes so it tells me please.
Why does the list as many MB .. simple explanation of each Mod there is an image and most mods a description in Word format. (With links to various Zusatzmods perhaps required). One can find mods even with corresponding pictures.
The images and the Word files have the same name as the mod itself. … So you can better see the mod in the list.
In the zip file the complete folder structure exists, these are linked to the list. There should be no changes to this are made, otherwise the set links do not work.
If one used the old list, it can switch to the new soothes. You just have to move the folder containing the mods just in the mod folder.
Further description can be found in the file …
Should have any questions I am willing to answer this you ..
If I would have you desired improvements be glad if you write me this in here


DOWNLOAD Modliste_By_Strubi_69_V2.0.rar – 306.8 MB

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