Large pack of domestic technology v2.0 for Farming Simulator 2017

34 first-class fashion of Russian technology in one package FS 2017! Take this selection yourself, bro.

Pak includes only high-quality copies of mods. No homemade buggies and buggy tractors are just a choice technique of the Farming Simulator 2017.

After installing a large pack of home appliances 2.0 on your farm there will be such a fashion:

DON: combines 680A, 680M2, 1500A, 1500V. Plus the combine ENISEI 1200-1.
GAZ: GAZ 66 cars, as well as GAZ 69, GAZ 51 and GAZ
ZIL: trucks 130 and 131.
PRF 180 is red.
Wagon FS PTS.
Trailer 2PTS-4.
AGD 4.5.
BDM 4 × 4.
Tractor Belarus MTZ 820 2 MF ca749.
Old, archival tractor CXTZ15 30.
Two DT tractors: versions DT75 and DT75 ML
Furashir, rake.
Models HTA 220-2 and 300-03.
Pak K700.
KIR 1 5M1.
Wonderful Kirovets K710.
Kormopak, KPSH 5, KSK 100, Yaroslavovich PR-9 (trailer-roll carrier).

We wish you an interesting, rich game in the simulator of the farm in 2017 together with a huge pack of domestic technology v 2.0.

DOWNLOAD – 1017.0 MB

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