Mönchwinkel Map V 0.9 Beta

monchwinkel--2 (1)

monchwinkel--2 (2)

monchwinkel--2 (3)

monchwinkel--2 (4)


I could not thoroughly test the map. Therefore, it is first in Beta status. From my side, everything works. Known issues in the beta version: The Abladetrigger the road is for the Silotrailer (http://www.modhoster.de/mods/kogel-silotrailer-gigaliner-pack) too small. You have to go ugly about him over. Can unload it anyway.
Pricing: For this I would look forward to your feedback. I have no real idea of ??how much you should earn this just for economic cycles. Right now, I think you can quite well without getting this too much at once. But of course this can be different for each. Therefore, please get in touch if you than too little, feels the merit too high or reasonable.
Angle settings for the helper: please report back to me how you stand it. Currently you need a compass to align the helper correctly. The most fields are but friendly helper.
Performance: This map is very demanding in terms what hardware. For me it works largely with about 60FPS, at the highest possible settings. Vereinzelnd, depending existing mods, she briefly goes down to 50FPS. It is recommended that a good graphics card with at least 1.5 GB to have memory, and at least 4GB of memory.
Sales outlets:
AGRAVIS, freight yard, sawmill, mill, distillery, granary, construction Hangelsberg (buys concrete), country store, horse farm, BGA, inn, heating plant, gardening, spinning, pulp mill

Chickens, cows, sheep, and cattle, and pigs (version 4.0) at the court; Chicken farming in the southwest of the map. The cattle dealer located in Wulkow, it is not signposted.
(= Vehicle filling yellow markings; blue markers = vehicle unloaded) UPK outlets:
Brewery (wheat + hops = “alk”, barley + hops = “alk”) hops farmer (sells hops) cannery (just about everything, most is produced when very many things are delivered) biodiesel factory http: //www.modhoster. de / mods / placeable bio-fuel refinery mod-for-Farming Simulator-15 fertilizer factory http://www.modhoster.de/mods/fabrik-fur-dunger-futter-diesel-und-energie beet factory (sugar beet -> Lime) plantation (pretty much all the fruits of Rosenthaler + greenhouses) DDR – dairy farm (cows have like Hofkühe be fed etc) mining (not signposted; 2 excavators, one for sand and one for gravel -> in the concrete plant to concrete -> Building between BGA and horse farm (where concrete must be delivered to the construction of the road to complete (1,000,000 liters per section) Only after road completion, the plantation can be accessed Fisheries (produced fish) juice Heini (to find.! in Spreetal; not signposted) market (from Rosenthaler; not signposted; to find at the inn) dairy (milk -> cheese) dairy (buying your milk produced, “StopMilkSale – Mod” recommended; sold you also milk) slaughterhouse (pigs -> meat; cattle -> meat; chicken -> Meat) EDEKA ( buys all UPK – products, such as fish, meat, fruit etc)

Mapbauer: Silenceko
Die Liste für die Credits ist lang, sie liegt dem Maparchiv “moenchwinkel” bei.

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