Mönchwinkel Map V 0.92 GMK ChoppedStraw Economy Weed

monchwinkel--2 (1)

monchwinkel--2 (2)


Version 0.92 GMK ChoppedStraw economy weed
– Balemaster added (farm, broiler, dairy plant, LPG SO) – added Agravis compound feed hall. Works like Marhu’s mixing station, but assumes all cereals. Details see the attached pdf – fish can now be fed with corn bug fixes: – Number of GRLE files for server operating reduced – shrunk sound file on server size – adapted texture sizes – adjusted some trigger – unrecoverable server Message: The map01.i3d intended for server information max , Be 120MB. The i3d the map is approximately 40MB bigger. I think this is about the performance. Can you play the map still on a server, even though he must bring more power.

Mapbauer: Silenceko
The list of credits is long, it is the Maparchiv “moenchwinkel” at.


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