Hello dear Ls players
I would like to provide you with a new map of mine here.

The map is a school project in my training as a farmer for the specialization work. Due to time constraints, she still has a few bugs that I did not bring out, as I have to publish them now. But it is still playable! Furthermore, I would like to thank all manufacturers of the building that they publish their objects / buildings and this in a high quality.

To the map:
From the landscape, I have tried to bring in a touch of Swiss agriculture. It takes place on a lake where the fields are rather flat, but the further you get away from the lake, the steeper it gets (Should the midland and the Alpine foothills of Switzerland be reflected).
It has three courtyards
– Lohn / arable farm
– Sheep / pig operation
– Kuhbetrieb

Sold at:
– 3 cereal and red fruit outlets
– Wollenverkauf
– Hackschnitzel and wood sales

The map may not be uploaded without my permission on other sites, whether changed or not!
I wish you a lot of fun with the map and will, if possible, develop it further.

Modell: Thomy_Toast
Idee / Konzept:Thomy_Toast
Sonstige: Suedtirolerbauer, arii


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