Mountain Goat II Tractor V 1.3 Original Interior


Version 1.3 Original Interior
– Motor Upgrade 35% more effective performance – matt finish – 12,300 & 14,420 drive 65 km / h – 16,540 & 18,660 drive 60 km / h – revised forest cage – revised front loader – improved rearward offset interior view – daytime running lights – Adaptive Headlights – correctly oriented Adaptive Highbeam – V-Lights – 3rd brake light – enhanced working lights – modified reversing light (less FPS Einbürche) – altered positions of the working lights – changing position of the mirror – correctly adjusted mirrors (for coupling and work, due to the drive) – turned the steering wheel position – McCulloch chainsaw model – interior lighting reworked – other fixes and changes (which may be something I have forgotten to list ^^)

-Shoebeck (Idea, design, conversions)
-Güllemax (Poltergabel, mountain goat)
-SpeedySC1978 (worklights)
-Timber131 (front loader)
-MeNotU (LED interior lighting)


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