Mountain Lake Map V 1.0 Beta

am-bergsee (1)

am-bergsee (2)

am-bergsee (3)


1 A large yard with cows, sheep, chickens and broiler, pigs and cattle fattening. To
the standard fruits can you grow even rye, oats and sunflower. It was
a slurry and manure storage built in, so did-you-can store the surplus to the
sale at the nursery. On the Basin can you seed, lime and fertilizer auff├╝lle, refueling
and thus grain stain.

2, 50 fields and meadows 8, Which you can edit all free,: because there is no silent option to buy.

3, a river Which ends in a large lake and ran thus divides the map. In order to switch sides,
Bridges are available. There is thus a small pond.

4 There are several ways to generate goods from cultivation, cattle fattening and
Forest management for Sale! Outlets include:
the railway station: here you can hinbringen everything except wool!
The Butcher: Pork, beef and chicken.
the mill: only cereals.
the grain trade: everything except animals wool and wood
the sawmill logs
the nursery: wool, grass, straw, manure, manure, compost, wood chips, potatoes and
sugar beet.
Hotel: pork, beef, chicken, potatoes, sugar beets and sunflowers
the powerplant: wood chips



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