This mod allows each player to momentarily take the status of “Seller” and receive the total profit from sales during that status. The status is automatically removed after 30 seconds of sales inactivity and requires an interval of 5 seconds between each take. Two players can not take the status at the same time.

Info: It is recommended to use account separation as well as the MPMoney mod.

Changelog: V1.0.0.1
– Display of the remaining time before the end of the seller mode

Changelog: V1.0.0.2
– Profit recovery in real time

Changelog: V1.0.0.3
– The shortcut in the menu is hidden if a seller is active

Changelog: V1.0.0.4
– Ability to use the mod in separate account

Changelog: V1.0.0.5
– Spanish translation
– Increase the seller mode to 30 seconds
– Bug fix of the missed interval

Changelog: V1.0.0.6
– Change of the key by CTRL-right + S
– Polish translation



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